Feel the thrill of water as you climb aboard a speedy Sydney Harbour jet boat for an unforgettable sightseeing adventure! Take the opportunity to get photos of both the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge along your voyage!

Discover ancient Aboriginal creation stories and delectable bush tucker in Sydney’s museums and galleries, or learn to surf at Bondi Beach or swim in its legendary Icebergs Ocean Pool! Now, thanks to Cathay Pacific flights, you can enjoy easy transportation on routes like Shanghai to Sydney.

The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House stands as an iconic symbol of Australian culture and creativity, making it well worth visiting. Take photos while on a harbor cruise or walk around its exterior; or join an organized tour. Guided tours provide the ideal opportunity to learn about its history and architecture, plus you may get to explore areas normally restricted from public access, like rehearsal and concert halls, restaurants and open-air forecourts; some tours even include special treats like tasting plates from Opera Kitchen!

The Sydney Opera House hosts an array of performances throughout the year, ensuring there’s sure to be something of interest to you at this legendary venue. From orchestra concerts to Indian dance, you’re bound to find an event here that satisfies whatever mood strikes.

Sydney Opera House features more than just theaters; there are studios, exhibition rooms, concert halls and cinemas as well. If possible, book tickets for one or more performances while visiting Sydney; this will give you the best opportunity to witness this iconic building in action!

Tours of the Sydney Opera House are an ideal way to appreciate this iconic landmark, giving visitors an opportunity to walk inside its theatres and take photographs without waiting in long lines. Additionally, tours provide insight into its history as you visit backstage areas or learn more about its past. It is highly advised that those interested book tickets early as spaces may fill quickly!

For an amazing aerial perspective of Sydney Harbour Bridge and other landmarks, Sydney Tower Eye tickets are essential. At 309 meters tall and second tallest observation point in Southern Hemisphere respectively, it provides incredible panoramic views. Other special experiences are also offered including thrill ride experiences and IMAX movie screenings.

Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

Named for Governor Lachlan Macquarie of New South Wales who ruled during the early 1800s, this iconic natural landmark offers one of Sydney’s most spectacular vantage points. This historic carved-rock ledge overlooks Royal Botanic Garden to the east of Opera House as well as magnificent vistas that include Harbour Bridge, harbor, distant mountains and Kirribilli House (Prime Minister’s Residence), Fort Denison Island and Navy Dockyards at Woolloomooloo – offering spectacular vantage points over both sites!

This famous rock ledge, hand-carved by convicts in 1810 and dedicated to Elizabeth Macquarie – wife of Governor of New South Wales Major-General Lachlan Macquarie – commemorates her beloved harbor and harbourside walks, making this lookout her favourite spot to relax on. According to legend, she would sit there and watch ships sail from Great Britain into Sydney Harbour from her favorite spot on this clifftop lookout.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair attracts thousands of visitors annually and is an essential stop on any Sydney sightseeing tour. It’s clear why it was Mrs Macquarie’s favorite spot – its panoramic views are absolutely breath-taking!

The Chair can be found at the tip of a peninsula on Farm Cove’s eastern side near its entrance into Royal Botanic Garden. It lies between Garden Island in the east and Bennelong Point (where you’ll find Sydney Opera House) to the west (where Garden Island peninsula can be found), facing north-east towards Fort Denison for breathtaking views of Harbour Bridge, Opera House and surrounding area.

At the nearby Royal Botanic Garden, you’ll discover many other lovely plants and trees, as well as events such as Open Air Cinema – held every summer!

Sydney Top Tours offer guided tours that focus on all the top Sydney attractions. Their day trips and private tours feature all these highlights and can customize itineraries so that you get to experience everything Sydney has to offer!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge famously known as ‘Coathanger’–is one of the city’s most beloved landmarks. First opened in 1932, this architectural marvel links Sydney’s CBD with the North Shore and serves as a major venue for events like New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. You can take in free views from walking across it or taking a boat cruise around its harbor; for a closer experience visit South East Pylon lookout or book one-in-a-lifetime Bridge Climb tour.

The South East Pylon also boasts a museum exhibit, making it a fantastic option for families with kids interested in engineering marvels. However, Bridge Climb offers various tours including special birthday and wedding climbs as well as summit and summit express tours that last 1-2 hours and cost several hundred dollars respectively.

After you’ve had enough of admiring the bridge from a distance or taking photos with it, head up to Kirribilli for lunch and an amazing view. Kirribilli has been listed by the New South Wales Heritage Council as an area that “demonstrates aesthetic characteristics of high cultural value.” Did you know Paul Hogan (known for Crocodile Dundee fame) once worked on the bridge as a rigger?

Sydney Harbor Bridge can be crossed in several ways, from car to pedestrian and bike, with cash for tolls in one direction and free passage for travel in the opposite. For drivers or riders traveling southbound on Sydney Harbour Bridge it is imperative that a small amount is kept aside as there will be an entry toll when going in that direction; but remember it’s free when traveling back outbound!

The Rocks

The Rocks has long been associated with maritime trades and seafarers. For most of its history, The Rocks was home to sailors, whalers, prostitutes and street gangs as well as warehouses, storehouses and elegant mansions built by wealthy early Sydney traders.

Historic buildings and lanes make the area’s historical buildings and lanes a delight to explore, with cobblestone streets that transport you back in time. Heritage listed structures often have fascinating histories that make for captivating tales; others now host restaurants or shops that cater specifically to tourists.

Discover The Rocks with the free Rocks Discovery Museum located in a restored 1850s sandstone warehouse. It provides an interesting peek into Australia’s colonial past through photographs and artefacts that provide insight.

Many of The Rocks streets are named after prominent figures from white settlement. One such pub, built in 1828 and known as The Fortune of War, claims to be Australia’s oldest pub. There are also historical pubs, restaurants and cafes in The Rocks as well as theatres and street markets on Argyle and Playfair streets.

Experience Sydney Harbour from an old-world perspective when visiting the ruins of tiny terraced homes that once housed families of up to ten. Take in stunning views from cliff tops, visit The Rocks Walking Tour or I’m Free Walking Tours that explore Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylon Lookout or join one of many tours such as I’m Free Walking Tours that focus on The Rocks and its waterfront areas.

Though The Rocks has become a tourist mecca with overpriced restaurants and souvenir shops, you’ll still feel its rich history here. Be wary of tourist traps while finding hidden gems among its heritage listed restaurants and cafes.