It is time to check flight time to Hong Kong from Brisbane as slowly but steadily majority of plane service providers are resuming flights to Hong Kong (HK) and also other international destinations. Hong Kong is such a place where every day we find it new and appealing. Before we embark on what to see let us first see some basic things like managing currency, preparing for HK journey, and also exchanging currency. Knowing such basics of Hong Kong Tourism will make our trip easier and smooth sailing.

Shall we now start knowing the basics of things to follow for Hong Kong Travel?

10 must-know things before you embark on your HK tour: 

  • The best way to get maximum value for the foreign currency exchange rate is from Hong Kong ATMs.
  • 1 Hong Kong dollar is fixed at US$ 1 = HK$ 7.8.
  • Cantonese isn’t found in Google Translate so use SayHi Translate, Cantodict, or iTranslate Voice in place of Google Translate.
  • October, November, and December are the perfect months for a Hong Kong visit.
  • Always have an Octopus card to save on your travel expenses and move around in the metro.
  • To experience authentic Hong Kong taste, eat at Cha Chaan Tang.
  • Do not board a return Cathay Pacific flight without visiting Chungking Mansions.
  • If you shop everywhere but not at Temple Street night market then you haven’t visited Hong Kong at all.
  • You come across much advice on herbal medicines and trying to sell you those, but you should know that most of them are scams so stay away.
  • By heart this +852 2527 7177 it is police hotline number and may come of use in an emergency.

Currency & finance info to manage your cash:

  • It’s really difficult to understand the status of Hong Kong due to it being a special administrative area of China but whether you understand the political status or not you have to know something about their currency-the Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) which by all means is entirely different from Chinese Renminbi or Yuan. Most of the big supermarkets and store chains accept Chinese currency (there will generally be a display of sign) however, the problem is with the majority of small stores, food stores, and transport facilitators who will only take HKD.
  • Hong Kong dollars since 1983 are pegged with US dollar with a fixed exchange rate of HK$ 7.80 to USD 1 but for other currencies be careful and have a close look at what it is being exchanged for.
  • If you have Euros exchange it directly to HKD don’t exchange it to USD first and second to HKD. Exchange directly from euro to HKD doing so will give you a better exchange rate. There’s nothing wrong in bargaining bargain wherever possible. If you don’t like bargaining then better exchange your money even before you land in HK.
  • If you are a techie crypto finance type and use Bitcoin or so even, then don’t worry the market here is open for such virtual & digital currencies. If you don’t have you can also buy them here through manual transactions. The banks are against it but markets are in favor of it so who cares if banks accept or not.

Best ways to exchange money: 

ATM of local bank:

Most often this should be the best means as it has the lowest hidden charges irrespective of whatever currency you wish to exchange. The other benefit is, you find them at every nuke and corner. Standard Chartered Bank ATM, Citibank ATM & HSBC bank ATM are the most common ATMs found.

Your bank:

In case you’re an account holder with public sector banks such as Caisse des Depots et Consignations of France, Germany Public Bank of Germany, Bank of North Dakota of USA or the State bank of India visit a public bank for money exchange. Few private banks like Goldman Sachs, ICICI Bank, Morgan Stanley, or J.P. Morgan are also decent in money exchange concerns and are on par with public banks.

Money changers:

It is far better than the airport money changers and has a good exchange rate. Few noted money exchange organizations include Ngau Kee Money Changer, Berlin Company Exchange, Travelex, Shing Kee Money Exchange, and UAE Exchange.

There may also be a few other money exchangers that you can try to get a decent exchange rate for your currency.

Having now known how money is exchanged to how you can get a better exchange rate we hope you will have a hassle-free journey in HK without facing cash crunch although your accounts have loads of them.