Whether you want to enjoy the high season with long days or the low season with small days, a vacation in Sweden is the right choice to enjoy summer or winter at its fullest. Sweden’s adventures are not just limited to the length of the days but the way lakes, sky, attractions, and everything looks and gives you an amazing vibe are worth considering in this discussion.

Don’t worry about the best stays, restaurants, and fun activities to do as Reviewsbird Sweden concerns with helping you to filter out the ‘best’ of everything you can think of – travel guides, hotels & resorts, food sports, and whatsoever.

Sweden in Summer

Sweden in Summer is no less than a breathtaking journey of filmy sunsets and wild adventurous spots. Cobblestone streets, lush-blue lakes, and worth-paddling routes add an amazing row of pictures to the cameras. So, you can’t miss enjoying Sweden with the temperature that ranges from 11 degrees to 23 degrees. You may experience occasional peaks that go up to 30 degrees, but everything is comfortable and enjoyable in summer.

Where to go

If you’re looking for real summer cities in Sweden, make sure to add these two to your list.


Falkenberg is famous for its beaches that give amazing vibes to tourists as these 13km long beaches are blended with cliffs that stretch to 4km. Moreover, the hotels, bridges and outdoor areas serve you with everything that you need for summer tours.


Strömstad is well-liked every summer because of its lovely waterfront, breathtaking vistas, and laid-back vibe. Strömstad, with its magnificent architecture, charming outdoor cafés, and hospitable residents, is unquestionably the ideal place to experience the true essence of “Swedish summer.”

What to do

With interesting sights, Sweden offers a number of fun activities to tourists so the what-to-do list is endless for Sweden in Summer. From a broader perspective, here’s what you can enjoy during your summers in Sweden.

  1. Enjoy the beaches
  2. Experience outdoor cafes
  3. Take a midnight swim

Sweden in Winter

Sweden in winter is more like a fairytale – frozen lakes, snow-covered mountains, mild wind, and hot coffees. So, you can’t miss enjoying Sweden with the temperature that ranges from 2 degrees to 5 degrees. You may experience occasional peaks that go to sub-zero degrees but everything is comfortable and enjoyable in winter.

Where to go

In peak winters, you can make the best out of this amazing location.


With wilderness and soft northern lights, you can’t miss adding Lapland in your go-to list. Moreover, you can experience the Arctic TreeHotel which makes the enjoyment 2x.

What to do

Whatever your hobbies, you can find enough to do in Sweden during the winter, especially if you travel up to Lapland.

  1. Explore ski areas and enjoy skiing on the sharp slopes
  2. Go dog sledging
  3. Experience the Sami culture
  4. Do ice skating

When packing for the trips, make sure you pack the clothes according to the season and accessories to avoid any issues that high or low temperatures can cause.