If you have decided that you want to purchase a static caravan then the first thing you will need to do is browse static caravans for sale. However, once you have decided on a new static caravan, it’s time to think about where you want to position it. Fortunately, throughout the UK there are many different parks available but finding the right one requires some element of thought and consideration.

Research The Site

This might seem obvious, but you need to know as much about the site as possible. Therefore, you want to know what kind of park it is, what other campers are like and the problems they might face. Take a look at their social media channels if they have them to see what people are talking about and whether there are any complaints while you can always visit the park to see it for yourself.

Check Out The Pitch Size

You might have grand ideas about how much space you want and need but it is not always possible to meet your needs. Therefore, check out the space available and whether you can add any additional features such as decking which is permitted in some places. You want to make sure that the caravans are spaced out correctly as this won’t feel as though you are situated right next to the caravan next door to you.

The Location

This comes down to what you expect from your static caravan holidays. Are you looking for something peaceful and quiet or something within close proximity of leisure facilities and amenities?

Think about the local area and what shops are nearby while you might also want to consider the restaurants and bars which can be important if you are renting your caravan out. Are there local walks or swimming pools as well as other sights and attractions? Furthermore, does the park have anything to offer such as parks for children and waste disposal sites that enables you to manage your waste effectively.

You might want a peaceful countryside location and you might want to avoid being located near busy roads, therefore, checking out the location is important.


Many parks will have plants and scrubs to add to the look but how do they maintain these? Are they expecting caravan owners to pay a maintenance fee to cover the cost? You should also ask what other fees are involved when agreeing to position your static caravan in their park.


Of course, security is vital as you want to ensure your caravan and those staying in it remain safe. Therefore, do they have on-site security or CCTV that offers regular monitoring? These are serious considerations as you want to protect your investment.

Distance From Home

If you are looking for a holiday home that you can visit whenever you want, you might want to think about the distance from your home. You might want to avoid a long drive, or you might be willing to drive a fair distance, so think about what you want as this will ensure you use your static caravan as much as possible.