Christmas festivities in Spain begin on December 22 and continue through January 6. You can participate in various distinctive Christmas traditions for those roughly 15 days of celebrations: Purchasing lottery tickets to start the holiday season off to looking forward to Tió de Nadal rather than Santa. Christmas in Spain is a festive and joyous occasion with unique traditions and customs. From the colourful Christmas markets to the delicious traditional food, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday season in Spain. See the Madrid Christmas lights and other beautiful sights. Tradition, food, culture, and history, Spain has it all if you are looking for a Christmas destination.

Christmas Market

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Christmas in Spain is by visiting a Christmas market. These markets are found in cities and towns throughout the country and offer a wide variety of holiday-themed items such as decorations, food, and gifts. Some of Spain’s most famous Christmas markets include those in Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. With its Christmas markets, Spain is even more unique at this time of year. There are marketplaces where you can buy Christmas decorations, traditional foods and treats, and occasionally even vintage objects. Here are a few of Spain’s top Christmas markets.


Another popular tradition during Christmas in Spain is the “Nochebuena,” or Christmas Eve, a time for families to come together and enjoy an enormous feast, typically featuring traditional dishes such as roast pork, seafood, and “turron,” a type of nougat candy. After dinner, many families will attend a “Misa del Gallo,” or Rooster’s Mass, a midnight mass that commemorates the birth of Jesus.

Outdoor activities

For those looking for something more active, Spain offers a variety of outdoor activities during the holiday season. In Madrid, for example, visitors can take a walk through the city’s Retiro Park to see the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. In Barcelona, the “Fira de Santa Llúcia” Christmas market offers a range of activities such as ice skating, carousel rides, and live music performances.

Events and Performances

In addition to these traditional activities, many cities and towns in Spain also host special Christmas-themed events and performances, including theatre productions, concerts, and parades. One of the most famous is the “Three Kings Parade“, which takes place on January 5 and features costumed performers, live music, and floats.

Participate in La Misa Del Gallo

Participating in La Misa Del Gallo, also known as the Rooster’s Mass, is a traditional and meaningful experience for many individuals in the Catholic faith. The mass typically occurs at midnight on Christmas Eve and is celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries and communities. The name “La Misa Del Gallo” is believed to come from the custom of roosters crowing at the break of dawn, symbolizing the arrival of the new day and the birth of Jesus. The mass is characterized by its joyous atmosphere, with singing, dancing, and bells ringing. Many people dress in traditional clothing and bring candles to the service. The mass is a way for people to come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus as a community; for many, it is a cherished holiday tradition.


Christmas in Spain is a unique and exciting experience filled with various traditions, customs, and activities. Whether you’re looking to indulge in traditional food and drink, take in the sights and sounds of a Christmas market, or enjoy the festive atmosphere, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season in Spain.