The Monaco Grand Prix is among the most thrilling, spectacular and most sought-after Formula 1 racing events globally. It’s also a highlight on the luxury yacht calendar, and for good reason, too – the race takes place across the winding, narrow streets of Monaco. Taking place in the city since 1929, next year’s intense race is set to run from May 26 to May 29. Attracting thousands of spectators each year, who come to see the drivers put to the test on hairpin bends of Monaco, we list three reasons why you should book a Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Charter.

The ideal vantage point for the Grand Prix

As the racetrack for the Grand Prix is the streets of the Mediterranean Principality itself, many people flock to the surrounding sidewalks, cafes and buildings to view the race. However, a Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Charter offers you the freedom to secure a berth in Port Hercules, which is right next to the electrifying action of the race. Watching the race from the deck of a berthed luxury superyacht gives you a premium vantage point to view all the action without necessarily being right in the centre of it all. Port Hercules will be filled with an impressive fleet of superyachts, ensuring front-seat views and direct access to the race if needed. However, if you want to enjoy a broader, more global view of the race, then you can also choose to anchor off the coast of Monaco among the monumental fleet of superyachts that come to watch the race. Afterwards, you can always head ashore to enjoy all the revelries following an exciting day of racing.


The safest and securest way to watch the Grand Prix

The most secure and safe way to watch the Monaco Grand Prix remains onboard a superyacht. While enjoying the race from your charter yacht, you won’t have to worry about crowds in the stands, very busy terraces or missing out on a thrilling part of the race because your view is blocked. The charter yacht is reserved for you and your guests, offering privacy, safety and security. You and your loved ones will be expertly looked after by a highly trained crew, who follow the strictest and most up to date health and safety regulations. Prioritise the wellbeing of your family and friends when viewing the race when attending the Monaco Grand Prix through a charter yacht.


The most luxurious accommodation for hosting during the Grand Prix

The finest way to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix is onboard a luxury charter yacht undoubtedly. Not only does it offer a safe, unique viewing spot, but it also ensures you have the most exclusive accommodation available for the duration of the race. A Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter is also the ideal backdrop to host any private or corporate events during the race. Host your own reception, dinner or party on board your charter yacht, and you will be sure to enthral and wow all guests, clients or potential clients.

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