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Watch: New Band ‘LUMINITES’ debut new video ‘All Dressed Up’

Introducing a fresh, young London band…THE LUMINITES!

They are a new 5 piece pop band and we really like them!  The two female vocalists sound amazing – think early Sugababes performances before anyone left the band.  They also have a human beat-boxer in the mix as well as a guitar and keys player.

The band members are Ben “R-tizt” Francis (17), Ella Palfrey (21), JJ Clark (17), Stephanie Nala (17) and Corey Lazell (19). They consider themselves to be a “street band” as they regularly promote themselves by busking on the streets of London.

Luminites were formed after Ben (R-tizt) was spotted beat-boxing in Covent Garden by two music executives who between them, have launched the careers of a number of UK acts including Blue and Atomic Kitten.

The band have been playing out live since the beginning of September. As well as promoting themselves on the street, the band are currently on a nationwide schools tour so you could be seeing them soon.
To get you ahead of the game go to the bands facebook page and click that ‘like’ button!

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