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The PopLedge Brand was set up in September 2010 by Sarah H.

Sarah has always been interested in popular culture from an early age, her first major interests were Boyzone and Lord of the Rings, harbouring many years wishing she could either be an elf or marry Stephen Gately.  After realising that neither was possible Sarah moved onto a major interest in the world of pop music, ‘I wouldn’t miss a week of the top 40, I loved the charts and the trivia/facts surrounding them’ comments Sarah.

Direct traffic accounts for around 45% of visitors and popledge is surrounded by a loyal and vocal community.

PopLedge has it’s own twitter account here http://twitter.com/#!/popledge and also it’s own YouTube channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/popledge.  We also launched a facebook page about nine months which has proved very popular and brought a new audience to the site.http://www.facebook.com/popledge

PopLedge is affiliated with Radio Creme Brulee and CATT both situated in the US.

PopLedge is also now an official team of four with Matt Reynolds offering a nice male balance to the site.  Matt manages our facebook page and contributes to the movie and TV stories on the site.  Our other member is L.A based Tammy – she loves the cinema and offers film reviews before from the US before they are available in the UK.  Completing the crew is Hollie Braine who attends and reviews London based gigs for the site.

We are always interested in providing guest blogs to other sites and about possibilities with new affiliates.  Ella Englishby is a recent guest blogger who has provided some excellent rock based content for the site.

We are already in contact with several PR/management companies but if you feel you have a product or band that would appeal to our readers then please get in touch.

We also welcome contributors to the site – if you would like some valuable work experience in the journalism/media field then please contact us.  We are willing and happy to give references to any future employers.

We also offer direct advertising campaigns.  Campaign can be tailored to suit your brands needs – there are several options including but not limited too site take over (full top banner and background take over), sponsored blog pieces, competitions, interviews and advert placements in the sidebar and at the bottom of the site.  Prices are negotiable.

In the past we have worked with clothing, food, betting and music companies to offer advertising solutions.

Sarah is contactable at popledge100@gmail.com for any of the above mentioned items.


http://www.radiocremebrulee.com/  An eclectic mix of the 80’s,90’s, 00’s and today – Boston based radio station and a huge supporter of the new Take That record ‘Progress’ – interactive features makes it an unique experience – we love it!

CATT- Calling American Thatters Team

Lisa and Maria have been running CATT for 3 years and it is going from strength to strength.  The site is a great resource not only for American Thatters to get in contact but for all Thatters in general, they have an expansive collection of sites that include:

http://cattstakethatblog.blogspot.com/ – main blog site.
– Yahoo group
http://twitter.com/US_TakeThatFans – Twitter page

As you can see the girls truly work hard for the boys so check out what they do and join in with the fun!







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