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Jedward reveal their new ‘Happens in the Dark’ video

Jedward have released a brand new music video for their single ‘Happens in the Dark’.

I’m really pleased the have chosen this track from ‘Young Love’ as a single choice, on my original review of the track I likened it to a cross between Kelly Clarkson and The Wanted, so it definitely has chart potential.

The video is a cute affair, when it started I thought I hadn’t got my sound turned up enough but as the needle goes down on the record the music starts.  John and Edward get to show off their skateboarding skills in the video and they travel around town looking a bit pensive before their party happens.

In the party scenes we get to see the boys rocking their red trousers and leather jacket look as they host the party of the century full of glitter balls and dancing.

It’s a fun and effective video which will hopefully make it onto some music channels.

My only criticism is their make-up!  I always feel like they put too much foundation on them and end up turning their faces into ‘one’ colour, they need a bit more shading or perhaps just a more natural look, I am sure they don’t need that much coverage!

Oh and p.s. check out the number of the house used in the video!

Single release date - April 1, 2013

Full Young Love review here - http://popledge.co.uk/album-review-jedward-young-love-track-by-track-deluxe-version/


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  1. Juliet says:

    They did a really good job! Multitalented young Men ;)

  2. Aurora Oliva says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing their new music video!
    People really need to get the word out about them! :)

  3. Great video as always and lets face it we wouldn’t expect anything less from John and Edward. I’m sure I detected a wobble on that skateboard though Edward! ;)

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